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At Raepsaet Product Design, we contribute to the transition to a Green & Smart City. For this we have developed a number of affordable solutions for electric charging points (for bicycles and cars) and information kiosks.

In addition to our standard solutions, we can also tailor these products to the customer’s specifications.

Bicycle charging points

We design and manufacture our bicycle charging points in-house. All materials are of high quality and corrosion free. We can also design custom-made for the customer. Our standard model 401 is available as a floor or wall-mount model. The floor model can optionally be provided on both sides with 2 sockets. Options are voltage indicator LEDs, personalized color and / or engraving. Model 401 is an assembly of a square aluminum housing + a stainless steel tube construction. This allows an unprecedented number of combinations.

RPD401-86 bicycle charging point
RPD401 base plate bicycle charging point
RPD401 wall model bicycle charging point

Download here the product specifications for model 401.

Model 501 is a low cost wall-mount model, back to the essentials of simply electric bike sockets. The product is a no-nonsense, affordable, beautifully finished, and clearly indicated bicycle charging point with two sockets. We offer 2 versions:

  • the basic version with a standard schuko socket
  • the security version with a super sturdy Mennekes NF e-mobility socket.

Download here the product specificitions for model 501.

EV charging stations

Our electric vehicle charging stations use the innovative charging technology from Phoenix Contact for applications at home, in companies or in the public domain. We develop the design of the charging stations according to customer requirements, from the simple charging point to the fast charging station. Download here our EVPole charging station leaflet.

EV charging stations electric scheme
EV charging stations electric scheme
EV charging stations for cars


Interactive kiosks have seen great growth in recent years for applications in retail, self-service (banks, airports, stations, restaurants, hospitals, …) and cities & municipalities (general communication, tourist info, …). For the interactive kiosks, Raepsaet Product Design works together with our partner Fushan Europe for the development of customer-specific kiosks. More info: www.interact-kiosks.com

indoor kiosk

outdoor kiosk



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